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Playing Hooky in Buenos Aires

This week started off as just another week where I was going to class and going about my daily routine here.  Then I realized that if I didn’t start doing some more sight seeing, on a daily basis, I was never going to get it all in.  So, I played hooky in Buenos Aires.  What would you do if you gave yourself the day off in Buenos Aires?  Well, I went to the fine arts museum (el museo de bellas artes)  and spent the day wondering.  Then I went to the Evita museum.  This was on Thursday.  Friday, I went to class, but then during the weekend I got right back to sight seeing.  On Saturday I took a tour of the manzana de las luces.  This was originally a Jesuit part of town that was also used for city government.  The exciting part of the tour was the tunnels.  There are a serious of tunnels connecting government buildings and churches to the river that were used to “protect the city” (or for government officials to make a quick escape.)  I thought this tour would be really great; unfortunately, the tour let you see about 100 m of a tunnel that was blocked off (real exciting!)  Oh well, the rest of the tour was really interesting. 

During most of the trip I have been able to escape a lot of the emotions associated with culture shock, but as the end of the trip approaches and I face the reality of having to say good-bye I am starting to get much more emotional.  My last week here is going to be exciting and yet very sad at the same time. 


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