Only 2 Weeks Left…

You never think that months will turn into weeks or that weeks will turn into days, but now my time here is really starting to wind down.  I again spent the majority of last week in class and doing homework.  (Unfortunate, right?)   However, the class is more than enjoyable and is more like private tutoring than class.  Every other spare second was spent trying to get to different places around B.A. that I haven’t been to yet.  Last week, I paged through my guide book to see if there was anything really important that I hadn’t seen yet.  To my surprise the majority of the places that were described as a must see that I had yet to see were clubs or bars!!!  (I guess I shouldn’t have been that surprised considering just how great the night life is here and just how many bars there are)  Well, if there is anyway to go out of B.A. in style it is by painting the town a couple more times…


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