Where My Girls At?

I had passed the last week in Buenos Aires in a pretty laid back manner.  I’m feeling a little lonely considering that all of the girls that were in my life here before have seemingly vanished.  There used to be 5 other girls living here with me.  They have all gone back to the states.  I used to be in class with at least 6 other girls…they too have all left.  My Spanish class this month has only 3 students in it, myself and two other guys.   The class seems like it is going to be a lot of fun.  We are planning on going to the theater and some of our assignments have been things like learning traditional Argentine card games.  We spend a lot of time just talking while the professor writes down things that we say incorrectly.  Then we have to go back and find our own errors. 

I might have been really bored this week with such a lack of estrogen, but I had two saving graces.  Pilar and Julieta, the two grand kids, are on winter break like everybody else.  So, they spent the week in the house and we had a blast.  Julieta gave me a couple of Spanish lessons (she is very studious, so playing teacher seems like a fun thing to do…lucky me!)  We played memory, which was an ingenious idea because she made me say out loud the items pictured on each card in Spanish and she would say them in English. I was surprised by how much simple vocabulary I learned.  Her English is impeccable, and I would say that she writes as well as any 2nd or 3rd grader in the states.  Mariana, Julieta and Pilar’s mom, kept advising me that if I found them bothersome she would force them to “leave me in peace.”  I just laughed and explained that because I never had sisters my patience never seems to run out with little girls. 


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