Off to Bariloche

THe last week flew by.  I spent the majority of my time in class and studying.  However, the weather was gorgeous so every other spare moment was spent outside enjoying the nice weather.  It was Jessi´s last week in Buenos Aires so we went to a lot of the tourity destinations we had yet to see.  We also cooked supper one night for our host family.  We wanted to make something really American that you normally wouldn´t find in Argentina.  We settled on an American breakfast and made scrambled eggs, pancakes, and bacon.  I would have never decided to cook if it wouldn´t have been for Jessi, but she really wanted to so I said I would be her helper.  We asked how  you would describe this person in Spanish and the answer was surprising… Juanita.  There is a popular cooking show here and Juanita is the assistant.  So add Juanita to my growing list of nick names.  

Although I had been struggling in my Spanish class, this week it all sort of came together.  It isn´t that I put in a whole lot of extra effort, but all of sudden everything sort of made sense.  I can tell that I´ve really improved significantly in just the last couple of weeks.  All the extra confidence paid off as my second final exam went well, and I managed to get a 9 in this class as well!  (The grading system is based on numbers instead of letters, but this would translate back as an ¨A¨)  

Yesterday, I had to say farwell to Jessi and start the last leg of my trip here.  Fortunately, I have a week off of class!!!  For the week of I am going to Bariloche.  This is a ski resort town in the South of Argentina, close to the border with Chile.  This is the place where all of the young Argentinians go after graduating for high school.  It is also THE place to ski in South America.   I will be in Bariloche for a week….so don´t worry if I don´t post for awhile!


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