Time Flies When You’re Having Fun…

So I’ve realized that it has been awhile since you’ve heard from me!  The good thing is that you haven’t missed much.  I’ve spent a lot of time the last week just studying and getting caught up with my school work.  My class is pretty hard, but I’ve been learning a lot so no harm done.   After I got back from Cordoba I had to go to class right away.  That Tuesday was a long day, but fortunately Wednesday was the July 9th independence holiday and thus I did get an extra day off.  Unfortunately, Argentineans would rather spend the day relaxing as opposed to making a spectacle and so there really wasn’t anything extra going on in Buenos Aires; although one Argentine from the provinces told me that they have fireworks there.  We spent the day at the zoo; we were not the only ones who thought this was a good idea because the place was packed.  It was a really interesting day.  I really enjoyed seeing some of the South American animals that you wouldn’t see in your typical American zoo.  Also, the zoo was designed in a way that allowed you to be a lot closer to the animals than you would be in the states.  Thursday and Friday it was back to class for two more days.  On Friday afternoon, Jess and I ventured to a mall to wander around.  This particular mall is the biggest one in Buenos Aires and it has a carnival on the third floor. 

On Saturday it was off to Colonia, Uruguay.  I needed to make this one day trip at some point so that I comply with immigration law!  The problem is that I don’t have a student visa, nor do I really need one. However, that means that I need to leave the country at least once in order to legally remain here as a tourist.  I can stay in the country as a tourist for 90 days.  My trip is 95 days.  Going to Uruguay gives me a fresh 90 days.  Colonia is a small, historic city that lives on tourism.  To get there we took a ferry from Buenos Aires.  The ferry was really nice; but the ride was pretty long (3 hours each way.) While we were in Colonia, we took a city tour, had a big lunch, and rented a golf cart.  We used the golf cart to drive around a see the rest of the city.  It was a lot of fun.  Not only that the weather was beautiful.  It was a long day, but also a very fun day. 

On Sunday, I finally made it to Boca and el Caminito.  This is the area of town that has the vibrantly painted houses that you see in the picture every time you read my blog.  It is a dangerous part of town since a shanty town is located very close by.  The block that is el Caminito, however, is a tourist trap and within that zone you are perfectly safe.   We ate lunch at a sidewalk café and watched an impromptu tango show that also included a folk dance.  The weather was absolutely beautiful again and we spent the whole day walking outside enjoying it. 

The last few days the weather has remained absolutely beautiful.  Every day has been about 70 degrees with plenty of sunshine.  Although, I’ve been spending lots of time studying in and in class I have been able to spend some time outside enjoying the nice weather as well.  It isn’t supposed to last very long so I have to enjoy it while I can! 

My time here is slipping by so fast… I feel like I just landed here yesterday but in fact it has been almost two months! 


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